Shahid’s Picks

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Shahid has got you covered with a wide variety of new releases including Shahid Originals, Shahid Premieres, exclusive movies, documentaries and much more; all this to ensure you stay entertained throughout the summer.

Tokyo Ghoul
The first Ghoul-human half breed attempt to learn more about his newfound powers and the fine line between man and monster.

Formula 1 Grand Prix De Monaco
Live coverage of the 2021 Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix Races.

Hell’s Gate
Living under an authoritarian regime in 2052 Beirut, a secluded man’s life changes when a technical failure brings a fugitive woman to his doorstep.

Wesh Tabi Bas
Starring: Faisal Al Eissa, Remas Mansoor, Ida Al Kusay, Fahad Bin Salem, Nojoud Ahmed, Abdalrahman Nafe, Emaad Alyousef, Abdulaziz Alfuraih, Walid Al Ghabir, Mohamed Al Shadokhy

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