Shahid in the News!

Shahid VIP to stream first Arab sci-fi drama ‘Hell’s Gate’

Directed by Emmy award-winner Amin Dora, ‘Hell’s Gate’ unites a host of talent from the Middle East region and beyond.

X-plore Super Maya

ظهور شخصية «سوبر مايا» في حفل استعراضي لمايا دياب على «شاهد» وإطلاق جديدها أحلى كلام

Sherihan Returns with ‘Coco Chanel’

Egyptian star Sherihan to return to the stage in ‘Coco Chanel’ musical. The production will air on MBC’s Shahid VIP service

MBC GROUP announces Ramadan 2021 performance

MBC Group has announced the performance results for both its satellite TV and online streaming services during Ramadan 2021.

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