Shahid VIP launches “Toota Toota” – the leading streaming platform’s very first Shahid Kids Original

Shahid VIP – the premium, subscription-based service of Shahid, the world’s leading Arabic streaming platform – announces the launch of “Toota Toota”, the very first Shahid Kids Original series.

Making its debut at the beginning of this Ramadan season, “Toota Toota” presents an exciting short bedtime story aimed at preschool children. Less than 10 minutes long, each episode is hosted by the popular MBC3 presenter Dania El Shafie.

Commenting on the series, El Shafie explains: “’Toota Toota’ is inspired by the [Arabic] word ‘hatoota’, which translates into ‘story’ – and a term commonly associated with the stories mothers and grandmothers used to tell their children before bedtime.

“It’s entertaining whilst educational at the same time; presenting some fun stories to young viewers around ages 3 to 6. The aim of the series is for children to develop a love of reading, whilst taking into account that a lot of content is now consumed digitally via an electronic screen.”

As previously mentioned, the launch of “Toota Toota” marks the very first Shahid Kids Original, a move in line with Shahid’s mission to produce more original premium quality content for younger viewers. This series is just one of many already existing titles in Shahid VIP’s library, which includes shows and films from Disney, Nickelodeon, and more.

Parents can take comfort in the knowledge that Shahid VIP is a safe space for their children, with age-appropriate content on offer at all times. All other content can be locked out of the kids’ profile and only accessed using a password.

El Shafie concludes: “Filming ‘Toota Toota’ was a wonderful experience, and we’ve received great support from the parents and children involved. It’s important that we present content that is in line with our culture and values, whilst also entertaining and educational.”

A second season of “Toota Toota” has already been commissioned with production expected to begin shortly.

Parents and children can tune in to Shahid VIP either via the desktop offering, smart TV app, or mobile app for Android or iOS.

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