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Shahid VIP is home to premium original productions from the Arab world, a wide range of exclusive movies and premieres, as well as the top watched live Arab TV channels.

More than 25,000 hours of original productions, premieres, movies All in one place!

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Enjoy watching Shahid Original series, exclusive first shows, the latest Arabic and Western movies. That’s not all, your favorite characters from Disney, Pixar and Marvel as well as the best live TV channels are all available on Shahid VIP

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Shahid VIP launches “Toota Toota” – the leading streaming platform’s very first Shahid Kids Original

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 The best bedtime stories for the little ones every evening this Ramadan

Shahid VIP branded remote control button to launch on new Samsung Smart TVs across MENA

The world’s leading Arabic streaming platform and the leading Smart TV manufacturer have joined forces to bring this exclusive experience to users across the region

The best Shahid Original series coming this summer

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When Sondus and her family move in with Amcha, their constant meddling in her life jeopardizes her family’s stability, pushing her to take drastic measures.